The dark side of the Force is strong with me!

The dark side of the Force is strong with me!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Well, it's been an age since I posted anything on here. 16 months in fact. November 2012 was my last post and in all honesty there's no real reason as to why I haven't kept up with blogging. I guess I just got bored of it.

I see a lot of blogs, bloggers and blogging in general via Twitter and most of it just leaves me feeling a bit 'meh' really. I find it really hard to be stimulated by the blogs which are just a poor excuse for the writer not having kept a diary when they were a teenager. The same goes for fashion blogs = yawn, celebrity blogs = yawn and so on.

Some of this boredom undoubtedly stems from the fact that a lot of the time I feel disconnected from society and the culture that the masses promote via the collective consciousness. I just don't find the stereotypical things that interesting which most people do and which most people fill their lives with on a daily basis.

New shoes? Nobody gives a fuck about the essay you wrote about them. Went out and got laid? Nobody gives a fuck about 10 paragraphs about that either. Writing about your favourite celebrities and how much you bum them? Go ahead, end yourself and save us all the inanity of reading your bile praising the talentless turds you worship because you have no ability to construct a meaningful identity of your own.

Don't get me wrong, there are some actual decent blogs out there in some dusty areas of the t'internet, and some great writers too. The next time I come across some I'll drop their links off for anyone interested in reading something different for once.

This isn't me proclaiming that my blog is some revolutionary new discourse that you all must read and praise either. Truth be told, I'm not bothered if anyone reads what I write, I'm not doing it for any other reason other than when I can be arsed, sometimes I like to write.

I do think I should at least 'try' to make more of an effort though. As I've said before if my blog can help one young person who is growing up with Cystic Fibrosis to realise that you can live a good and fulfilling life with the condition then I suppose that's a good enough reason as any to write.

I think I'll also focus on my personal interests a lot more too and explore some of the things that I like to do and fill my time with as I'm not just an opinionated culture bashing tosser all of the time for the most part.

So beware, I'm back bitches!


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