The dark side of the Force is strong with me!

The dark side of the Force is strong with me!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Guest Blog on Josie's Journal

Hey all, so I was asked to write a guest blog by fellow CFer and all round lovely person Josie as part of CF Awareness Month in May. In the UK we normally have CF Week every year, but this year The CF Trust has chosen to promote a year long 'No Party' campaign as they turn 50 and don't really want to celebrate being that CF is still wiping us all out. I know, it's a different kind of campaign but I suppose it is their choice on how to focus their efforts.

ANYWAYS, as a result of this many UK CFers are hijacking the yanks CF Month that runs all throughout May in the good ol' US of A to do their bit and fight the good fight and so on.

So yeah, Josie asked if I'd write something for her so here's the link pretty much. Let me know what you think and check her blog out too: Josie's Journal



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