The dark side of the Force is strong with me!

The dark side of the Force is strong with me!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Yours Sincerely...

Hi I, Hi C! *waves* I'm so glad that you guys have found my blog and are continuing to stalk me up online, and all because you know that you've been very silly people indeed and are pissed that you've been both caught out, and called out on your disgusting views.

For anyone who isn't clear what's going on here regarding the comments on my previous blog then here are the facts, pure and simple which can all be backed up by screenshots.

So, a few weeks ago on Facebook I saw that I had posted a mind numbingly dumb and incredibly ignorant status mocking the plight of Syrian refugees not long after the horrific stories and images of dead children washing up on beaches and people attempting to flee to Europe for their lives were all over the world's media (and rightly so). I's comments were racially tinged and he often comments similar stuff on his Facebook. Now after seeing plenty of mindless stuff like this over the years I decided that my eyes could no longer be exposed to his stupidity so I deleted him. However, this wasn't before screencapping the aforementioned status and posting it on my main page.

Now, in his status he said something along the lines of ''why are people trying to come over here if they can afford HD brows doing'' and hinted that Syrian refugees fleeing from horrific circumstances were basically bullshitters and just trying to come to the UK and other countries 'for da benefits and jobs' suggesting that 'we' should 'look after our own first' and 'more people should die'. It's the same tired, thick and ignorant rhetoric that those decent minded members of society witness every single day and quite frankly makes my teeth itch.

Anyways, so yeah I posted his delightful status on my Facebook and captioned it asking anyone who held the same beliefs as this c*nt should delete myself from their Facebook. I also added that his wife (C) should sort her own eyebrows out before I mocked refugees in an attempt to validate his ignorance and hideous views. I added a photo of them both to the thread and people on my friends list looked at the evidence before them and made their own minds up that both of them were really very silly people indeed.

Laughter ensued and jokes were made, that was that. Nothing more, nothing less.

A few weeks later I had gotten word of my actions and then decided to take offense, posting his own status asking for people to let him know where I live or work so he could 'sort me out face to face' and calling me a fanny which was met with amusement and much laughter as I mean, really? You're going to go track someone down because they took the piss out of you and your wife's eyebrows but it's completely ok for you to mock and laugh at innocent people running for their lives?

Double standards much?

I then decided to start inboxing me in a threatening manner, telling me he knows where I live, he's going to come and 'sort me out' and 'make me apologise' and so on, and so on. He even attempted to track my location using Google and had his Navy friends try to add me. As if he thinks I'm dumb enough to do so. Please. When he eventually realised that I don't scare easily, or maybe he realised that being in HM's Navy that he really should conduct himself in a more appropriate manner as it is obvious that he needs to brush up on their equality and diversity guidelines he blocked me on Facebook and that I thought was that, until he started leaving comments on my blog like the one above and C decided to join him.

Also, I think that wishing that someone does not get a transplant is pretty much wishing death on them so by publicly posting that you've really just proved how hideous you are.

Here's hoping that you're not on the organ donor register I as it would be pretty ironic if I were to receive your lungs in the event of your death. Hmm. I'm sure that you'll both be reading this at some point guys so let me reiterate what I told I via inbox. I could not care less what threats you make, what supposed actions you think you can take. I have nothing to hide. I have evidence to back up everything that has been said. If you continue to spout your bile then I WILL email all of the screenshots to I's Commanding Officer in Yeovil.

Here are the Royal Navy's equality and diversity guidelines guys, I strongly suggest that you read them and think very carefully about what you post online in future. Ok? Oh, and I'm fully aware of the laws surrounding social media and nothing that I have done is illegal ok. Ta.

Thanks for the entertainment. Yours sincerely, Andrew. xoxo

HM Navy's Ethics and Diversity Guidelines:

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